Friday, February 25

A little questionnaire for YOUR pleasure.

You can answer these how you want, since after all this time I know you will anyway.

1. Do you have a middle name? What's the first letter?
2. How many continents have you set foot on? Which ones?
3. Are you interested in history before the 20th Century? Where and when?
4. Are you interested in science? How much? Which sciences interest you the most?
5. If you could meet five people from history (in their time), who would it be?
6. Are you better at math or at cooking?

That's it! Painless, huh.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing your answers.

Thursday, February 24

An odd couple...

One of rock's biggest rebels and a legend of the underground scene in his home Australia and around the world, paired with one of the world's most successful pop artists, also from Oz, who's made a living on the charts spinning out dance tunes. But apparently they are good friends, being Aussies and all (heh), and this duet (there have been a couple others) comes from Nick's LP Murder Ballads.

If Kylie would make more music like this, she'd get more respect. If Nick made more music like this, he'd be more mainstream. Thanks God people are what they are and don't change! Still it's nice to see people out of their element, don't you think.

Saturday, February 19


Be courageous, not hesitating
Give me an honest surprise
Don't tell beautiful lies
Stop waiting
Life is not a rehearsal
For another life to come
Whatever people are saying

Do what it is you're thinking
Stop sleeping in, stop crying
Stop wistfully sighing
Start speaking
To people you know again
Only then will your mind relax
And your body start healing.

Lyra and Iorek.

Thanks to Raelha for this!

Tuesday, February 1

Really depressed.

I'm in a rut just in case anyone's wondering why I'm not very available.

Not this old chestnut...

What number comes next? 1 1 2 3 5 8 ___ ?

How about this one? 1 2 5 4 9 6 ___ ?

Ok, enough of that for now.


I've got loads of things to post. Just have to get around to it... Please be patient and February should be better than the past few months.

Blogwise, I mean.

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