Sunday, June 26

I can't sail rhymes
And tell the tales of mighty kings
Keeping the letters afloat
With no broken rings at all

All I can do is call
I hope that the mighty shall
Hear the meek
In my own simple way

I loved all that was unique.

I can't change for you
I can't even change for me
We're high in the Picos now
What we've brought is what we'll need

If we stumble and die,
No one knows us, few shall care
But if we get to that peak
If we bother, if we dare-

Maybe we'll find meaning there.

There are no accidents
How we shall live is how we choose
So I chose you
Of seven billion lights to lose.

The courage to give it back
Trust in destiny, faith or muse...
We're all alone inside, but we can share what dreams may come
Lightning rends the night, all I know is what I've done.

Just maybe I will be the one.


Hans said...

This is a lovely poem, Justin. I have been forgetting to check your blog since you've been gone, but I see you have let it go for a while. I hope you start it up again soon.

Metamatician said...

Thank you. I have some ideas.

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