Sunday, October 9

In the wake

of adversity lies an opportunity,
a rebirth
the story is old, but it metamorphosed
when I told it

a sun rises, it knows nothing
but the people believe in something that
is grander than themselves
feelings are everything

ask Galileo on a moonlit night
or Kepler
if his elliptic tides are right, are precise;
ask Newton,

ask Feynman if your math's all right
Penrose, Einstein
the point is the lesson
that they are only brilliantly guessing

Seneferu, Khafre
Imhotep did the same thing
Sargon and the Maccabees
could see clearly the fog ahead of them

so please,
put away your mindset
and open up to another set of minds
and if you follow the Duat

and remember the names,
and your training
you may make immortality yet
not that you would want it.


Hans said...

Really interesting and makes! me interested in looking into the names mentioned. You have an incredible way with words full of meaning and feeling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The mountains are amazing!!!! to think you go to see them and walk among giants.

Metamatician said...

:o) Thanks!

I hope to keep posting stuff on a regular basis again. It's fun when people come visit.

And yeah, those mountains are amazing. They are kinda like like stone giants from an earlier era or something.

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