Thursday, September 9

As good as The Smiths' albums are, I think they were even better live...

I never did see them in person (to my dismay), but when I hear recordings like this is makes me think it would have been an amazing experience.

My favorite bands to have seen "original and complete" would have to be:
The Beatles
The Smiths
Pink Floyd
Joy Division
The Doors

Either because they broke up and then someone up and died, or because they will never get back together and I'll never have that live experience, no matter how many old films I watch.

Then there are artists like Nick Drake and Dan Fogelberg who aren't "bands" - just solo performers I never saw and would have loved to :-|

What about you? Which bands do you regret either being too young to see live or just missed your chance and kick yourself now about it?


Hans said...

I was your age when this was being performed! strange isn't it?

Hans said...

hmm, well...i saw a lot, so i can't look back with much regrets, but The one had much of a chance did they? I would have liked to have seen them in the 60's.

Raelha said...

Bah, I posted this question on my ages ago, and nobody answered! Still, I'd agree with Hans, the early Beatles would've been great, with the raw energy they had then. Though I wouldn't knock having seen them at any time.

And then The Doors, Nick Drake, Crowded House when Paul Hester was still alive (could've gone and seen them in Manchester when I was 17, but my mum put her foot down), Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, The Clash, Nirvana...

I often ponder a similar question about tennis players. I never saw Agassi live - never made it to Wimbledon on the right day - and will always regret it. It would've been entertaining to see McEnroe too, playing Borg, ideally, of course. Becker I was too young for, and Pat Cash, I think those two would've been entertaining, they are with their Wimbledon commentary at least. Kuerten at Roland Garros, Corria too, they called him "El Mago" and with reason. I saw him at Wimbledon a couple of times, but on clay would've been much better. And then there's that Pat Rafter-Ivanisevic Monday final at Wimbledon that I thought about catching a train to London to see and then stupidly didn't just because I had nobody to go with. I'd love to see Federer, but I don't know when I'll ever get the chance. Never liked Steffi, and saw Navratilova playing doubles, so that's the two female greats covered. Saw Serena at SW19 too, but she was boring. Henin was sublime though, I always think of her as the closest female version to Roger. Hope you don't mind me changing the topic - you got me thinking about other missed opportunities.

Hans said...

I took my mama to see the Doors twice, Raelha. I know I look too young, and maybe I wasn't there in person, but she was thinking of me, even way back in olden days.

She though Jim was cute and her favorite song was Light My Fire.

I have a fun thing to do, Justin. We've all seen live performances. Let's list who we've seen and approximately when. It'll job our memories and we can re live some of those moments and anything memorable at the concert (short comments). ??

Hans said...

sorry about typos - i'm still waking up.

Metamatician said...

Good idea, Hans! I'll answer in a little while, gotta make my list. :)

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