Thursday, September 23

From deep in the archives... "Happy Lovers United" (Morrissey, 1988)

Happy Lovers United

Happy lovers
Back together
Oh, and I do feel proud
Happy lovers reunited
Oh, and I do feel proud now
I'm not the type to boast, as you know 
Though it was me who brought them back together 
He is so kind, and she is so clever 
But they don't want me now 
Hanging around

Happy lovers, at last 
At last united 
Happy lovers, at last 

I rang to her to explain 
Of how he really wants to see you again 
I said more or less the same thing to him too 
Which wasn't true 
And now they walk hand in hand
All is planned with the silent glimpse 
I believe that only lovers share 
And I'm proud to have done something good
For once in my life


Another rare song: "Lifeguard On Duty"


Hans said...

Save me from life.....isn't that the case sometimes!!

Metamatician said...

Definitely :)

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