Thursday, April 15



An Gabhar Ban said...

Pretty, pretty kitties. :)

Mandula said...

Must have. :))))

Raelha said...

The first photo reminds me of the minature version I had on my lap last night, she didn't stop purring all the time she was there. It's good to be appreciated.

Hans said...

beautiful photos of Big Cats

Hans said...

I turned one yesterday! I'm on my way to becoming a big cat too ^-^ Rarrrrrrrrr - did that scare you?

Metamatician said...

One already??? Wow, you're almost a grown up already!

I guess you'd be considered a teenager, eh? That sounds about right.

Happy birthday, Hansies, and thanks for visiting my blog a lot.

Need to work on your roar a bit still!

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