Thursday, April 1

No title.

I want to do all I can do
Become what I can become
I want to stay active
Learn as much as I can
Feel my muscles stretch
Stay up and just enjoy where I am
Without ceaselessly drawing plans
I want to master many things
While realizing the path never really ends
I want to have friends that mean a lot to
This once-shrunken, fearful heart of mine
I want to open up to my divine nature
And find enthusiasm in dreariness
Ecstacy in pain and suffering
Or maybe just a good massage
And someone to hold wrapped in a blanket
On a winter solstice, beneath the blackness
Of a meteor-torn sky
In my dreams I fly, but real life
Affords anyone the chance to soar
I want to play tennis again
Feel the wind in my hair and hear the sound
Of the pummeled ball, or grab a rebound
I want to arrange the world around me
So that I feel calm and not harried
I want to carry a smile on my face
That makes other people feel good inside
I want to try to succeed more than
Succeed at whatever I try
Because that kind of life is a lie
Which leads into corners full of bones
Of long-forgotten geniuses and heroes
Which now, nobody knows
I want to read and play games
And make money to buy simple things
And do honest work and feel it
At the dog-end of the day
To let generosity of spirit be my guide
To letting these hesitant feelings
Inside my body, to puff out my chest
Not with arrogance but with
Can-do competent satisfaction
And the feeling I have fear on the run
To not worry about every little thing
Under that too-bright sun
Inside each quantum of every moment
I want a place to be; a hot meal to eat
And just want someone to say once,
That I was a true and reliable friend
And that they thought about me today.


An Gabhar Ban said...

I like it! I like the positive note even more so.
And hey. I know I thought about you today, and yesterday at the very least. =)

Metamatician said...

Awww. Thanks!

Hans said...

knowing what you want and need is a good start! your poetic version of your feelings can be felt by others who may share some of the same, or at least know you better. Well done, rarr!

Metamatician said...

Thanks Hans.

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