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An Gabhar Ban said...

Another great U2 song... no big surprise there. :)

Metamatician said...

Yeah, U2 don't make many bad songs do they? I guess that's why they've been essentially the biggest rock band around for the last 30 years. They're never my favorite band at a given time - they are always bands in different phases of my life that I like better right then - but U2 never go away, and have piled up so many good songs off mostly all really good albums (only a few I find a bit boring) that one can always come back to them, like an old blanket or something :)

I like The Cranberries too, speaking of Irish Bands. I don't think I put any of their stuff on the music I sent you.

Heh, Bono is always the Cool Guy in the room, isn't he? Great voice though and I gotta respect the incredible amount of effort he's put into charity and trying to find solution beyond just charity - I mean, way beyond anything a successful public figure feels they "should do" to give back. He's become as much a diplomat between the developed and developing worlds these days as he is a singer and songwriter, I think. One day he's having dinner with the President or the UK Prime Minister, the next he and his wife Allie are in some tiny poor village in Africa or even in some run down community in Harlem or New Orleans... always trying to help the poor. I don't think he does that out of some Jesus complex as many cynics think. I think as a rock star he's pretty cocky (but talented), but as a humanitarian he MUST truly care, and a lot, or with all his millions he wouldn't do all the extremely hard work he does. Heaven knows hardly any one else does, even the very wealthy. Says something about him right there.

And getting back to U2, they don't really seem to age, do they? They've never broken up or had any big public spats, and they've sort of tapped a formula for writing quality songs, with Bono's words and voice wrapped about The Edge's signature driving guitar anthems, and then the solid backbeat behind it all that is very underrated. They're almost like the Stones in that ageless quality, and like the Stones, they're music never seems out of date, because they're sort of outside what is trendy. They LOOK better than the Stones though, at this age, lol.

I'm surprised Keith Richards face hasn't fallen off yet. He looks like Skeletor. And Mick's lips look pretty much like the caricatures of them now; you can't really caricature the Stones anymore because they have become one already! :-)

I dunno if you ever were into the Clash but there was another really great group who probably broke up too soon, and now will never get back together because Joe Strummer died young. That's a common story in rock, innit?

Well, thanks again for visiting!

An Gabhar Ban said...

Cranberries.... no, none in that selection.
I agree with you about Bono. I've always thought he was really self assured and confident which comes across badly to some people but I've always considered him to be an example of a true humanitarian as opposed to the "trendy" ones who just drop in on a poverty stricken area, look good, say all the right things, stroke off a check and go to bed at night feeling like they're something special and significant.
Oh and the Stones... yikes. I've seen pictures of mummies that looked to have more flesh on their faces. Thankfully appearances aren't everything and they still sound pretty darn good.

Metamatician said...


Good comments, as usual. And succinct. I'm still working on that.

An Gabhar Ban said...

It's your blog, you get to write all you want to :D I'll still read it.

Hans said...

Very interesting video, good looking Bono at that age especially and very very cool. Great song.

Metamatician said...

Yeah, this was a good period for them, early to mid '90s.

Thanks for visiting my blog a lot, Hans :)

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