Wednesday, November 18

Christmas list...


billybytedoc said...

Get a life, ask for a RED one!

Metamatician said...


Metamatician said...

The top Ferrari is just a prototype at this stage, with the tentative name F250. No word if it will actually be produced.

I think I like the bottom one better anyway, plus it's for sale now! It's also a Ferrari, the F430.

And yes, there's a red version, ByteDoc:

Red F430

Special Edition:
0-60 in 3.8 seconds
500 horsepower
Top speed 200 mph
$350,000 with options
$250,000 as soon as you leave the lot :)

Hans said...

no room for your parents!

Metamatician said...

Trust me, I doubt you'd want to be in that thing with me. You probably be wishing you were anywhere else.

Hans said...

Oh yeh.

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