Wednesday, November 11

Comfort food.

What are some of your favorite comfort foods? For example, my favorite foods overall might be filet mignon, king crab, stuffed sole, baby-back ribs, tiramisu, and so on... but these aren't things you normally eat at home, with your pajamas on, watching a good movie. Or at the table with your family, casually talking about the day.

Comfort food helps you when you feel down, and it's usually fairly simple. It may also conjure fond memories for you because it was something you ate growing up. Here are some of mine, in no particular order:

  • Pizza
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  • A yummy homemade sandwich
  • Beef stroganoff (my mom used to make it and it was my fave)
  • A homemade hamburger
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • A chocolate milkshake
  • Meatloaf
  • Fish and chips
  • Clam chowder (New England style)
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Fried chicken

Notice I only have one sweet item on my list. I quite expect others will have more! Comfort foods don't have to be entire meals...


Hans said...

Mashed Potatoes with sour cream
Hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes
Mashed Potatoes with peas and butter
Cold Fried chicken
Mocha Frappe with banana
Fried egg sandwich
Pancakes: hot or cold
ICE CREAM - "cookies and cream" is mm mmm good
Egg noodles or pasta with butter and parmesan
Graham Crackers dipped in milk
Good ol' cold Cereal
ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy - that was Hans' choice (stepping on keyboard)
Probably much more, but I'm tired now.

JOVIAN said...

well, not surprisingly, you've got most of mine covered here. I might add

1)Lightly buttered popcorn
2)Beef stew with dumplings
3)Nachos with guacamole

this is H, btw

JOVIAN said...

(looking up) Oh yeah, and fried egg sandwiches on white bread. mmmm

Metamatician said...

You both had fried egg sandwiches! That would have made my list too, had I thought of it. Might go make me one right now... :)

Thanks, and I hope a lot more people chime in on this. Fun!

Mandula said...

Banana shake
Fruit yoghurt
Uncooked egg with sugar powder
Sugar powder with lemon juice (that very sour kind)
Icecreams (Vanilla or cookie-flavoured)
Butter bisquits
Almond, penut, walnut (in honey), kesu-walnut (i dunno what is might be in english... - Ahh, cashew. :D


Magdalene said...

Some of mine would be;
Chocolate (any kind)
Treacle tart and clotted cream
Macaroni cheese (homemade)
Bangers & Mash
Bacon sandwich with tomato ketchup
Squishy cheese such as camembert, pays d'angloys or taleggio.
Big bowl of dahl with lots of fresh coriander.

billybytedoc said...

Pancakes with fried egg
Ruben Sandwich
Goldfish Crackers
Hot Oatmeal
Ice Cream of course

billybytedoc said...

I forgot Meatloaf, how could I?

Thanks Meta

billybytedoc said...

Hans, you forgot Fish Tacos

Metamatician said...

I forgot fish tacos as well, plus carnitas, but those are newer things in my life. From the old days, I forgot grilled cheese sandwiches!

And as Mandula mentioned, CHEESE (of almost any kind).

And I love bangers and mash; had I been English surely that would have been one of my comfort foods growing up. Thanks Magdalene.

Thanks Bytedoc.

Waits for more people... :)

Joe said...

Tuna Casserole is my all time favorite

Also homemade enchiladas and tuna melts

Metamatician said...

Good ones!! I love tuna casserole too! And enchiladas. Thanks Joe :)

AliTheGreat said...

to name a few:

homemade specialties,
toasted spaghetti sandwich
apple pie
chili & corn bread w butter&honey
split pea soup w ham
chicken & dumplings
pot roast
corned beef & cabbage
banana cream pie
fresh french bread
fettucini alfredo
roast chicken
breaded, roast pork chops, bone-in
toasted, Buttered, pb&j
eggs over easy + buttered toast
toast w butter & jelly
salad w ham, cheese & ranch
bean & cheese burrito
guacamole & fresh fried tortillas chips
avocado w sea salt & balsamic vinegar
bananas & milk

from the pantry,
campbell's tomato soup w rice + ritz crackers
frozen burritos w extra cheese on top
strawberry ice cream, or any ice cream from the haagen dasz or godiva factories, esp strawberry
dove dark chocolate- medicinal ;)
squirt soda
earl grey tea w honey&milk & a biscotti
anything that mixes chocolate, caramel and nuts, or butter and brown sugar

mmm pancakes... good call

now i am HUNGRY! happy friday 13th! =)

Metamatician said...

YAYYY Ali!!!

Thanks for commenting :) actually like Squirt?

Oh man...
Pot roast
Corned beef (my favorite)
Roasted chicken
Fettuccine Alfredo

It's like you're teasing me on purpose. I may have to go see what's in the fridge now...

Let's talk soon =)

Love, J.

p.s. Feel free to invite me for dinner any time...

Eskin said...

Homemade sandwich and chips. I usually eat sandwich when I have breakfast with my boyfriend, and chips when noone is around and I watch a good film or play games on my computer.

Giusi said...

Strangely enough, sifting through my childhood memories I have no recall of any comfort food. Well, I guess I did not need any back then. As a teenager, focaccia – something like this one – started to grow on me. I used to have some every day, on the way to school. I have no sweet tooth, I'm more of a focaccia/bread/pasta person! My favourite pasta dish – definitely corresponding to comfort food – is ravioli di zucca (pumpkin ravioli), a traditional and very special recipe from Mantua, the town where I was born and grew up – something people would have on Xmas eve and make by hand (kids helping their mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen). The filling is nothing if not dainty: zucca mantovana (a sort of pumpkin), parmigiano cheese, mostarda mantovana (pickled candied apples in a spicy syrup), amaretti biscuits, salt and nutmeg. An amazing blend, sweet and savoury at the same time! ( I prepared ravioli di zucca in Stockholm, for (and with) my friends on a wintry night last year. And they loved it, I'd dare say it has something like a healing effect!
But to keep it simple, well... (perfectly soft and creamy) scrambled eggs are my comfort food number one. I love them! An potatoes follow – in any form possible, from crisps to chips, or (as you Americans would say) from chips to French fries (with mayo, I loooove mayo)... arrrgh, that's confusing! ;-)
Lovely post. It evoked fond memories! Thanks!

Giusi said...

Now that I think of it, mayonnaise is definitely another comfort food I'm keen on!!! Give me breadsticks and I can polish off one whole jar of it! :-)

Metamatician said...


Lol, I love mayonnaise too, but it's a secret. I love artichokes with mayo. And I love sour cream in soup or on Mexican food or in almost anything, Mandula knows all about that!

I also love plain quesadillas. Nothing fancy, just grate some cheese (or buy a blend of Mexican cheeses) and throw it between a couple of tortillas (flour or corn), nuke for about 1 min or you can pan fry till the cheese melts. Mmm. Cut like a pizza and dip the wedges in sour cream or guacamole or salsa if you have those handy.

Thanks Eskin and Giusi! That pumpkin ravioli sounds very interesting. I like pumpkin curry, and I like ravioli filled with just about anything, so I'm sure I'd like it :-)

And I like chips (crisps), too, though I've cut way down on how often I eat then. I'm not a skinny teenager anymore ;-)

And French fries with ketchup, mayonnaise, or just plain with a little salt. Goes great with a hamburger and a milk shake - the iconic 1950s American meal!

Yay, more people.

Giusi said...

Speaking of cheese, any cheese is comfort food to me. I love gorgonzola and smelly cheese in general (ever tried a French one called Mont d'Or???). Try to microwave some gorgonzola with a dollop of cream and you'll have a fantastic dip for baguette!
I love guacamole too!!!
Of, I love food... but I guess everybody knows by now ;)

Giusi said...

Of = Oh ;-)

Metamatician said...

Ooh, that sound wonderful! I'll look for that cheese. I love Brie and Camembert and most anything really... and a good baguette, yum!

I'm happy you love food. It's one of the things worth living for :D

Metamatician said...

Oops, I meant "sounds"

I caught the Giusi-bug. ;)

Magdalene said...

What a fascinating frenzy of activity on here. Just goes to prove how food obsessed we westerners are!

Metamatician said...

Most definitely!

Giusi said...

Magdalene, I know lots of Asian people in Stockholm. I mean people who stay in Sweden for short periods and cannot be considered as westerners. And trust me, they are far more food-obsessed than we are (which is quite astonishing)! ;-) Singaporeans above all! DIM SUM rules! :-)

Giusi said...

But maybe Singaporeans are more of western people than we - and themselves - are inclined to believe ;-)

Metamatician said...

How's your budgie by the way? Still alive?

Metamatician said...

The budgie comment was aimed @Mags...

Thanks for bringing up Asian food, Giusi! I loooove fried rice, mongolian beef, lemon chicken, pot stickers, dim sum (if it's good quality), sizzling rice or hot and sour soup, cashew chicken, imperial prawns... And that's just Chinese!

Don't even get me started on Thai, Japanese, or Vietnamese food :)

And I agree about Singaporians being pretty Westernized. But I think the love of food is worldwide. Just look at India! Yumm, another cuisine full of delightful flavors and aromas.

Metamatician said...

er... Singaporeans, even.

Metamatician said...

Oh and I forgot about scalloped potatoes with ham! Another favorite growing up. I'll have to pay my mom a visit soon...

Giusi said...

Fried rice, fried rice, fried riceeeeeeeeeeeeeee... YUMMMMMMMMMMM!

Giusi said...

And VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLLS! Please, kill me or I won't stop ;-)

Metamatician said...

Why stop? =)

Thesaurus Rex said...

Depends on mood.
I suppose beer isn't really food so...
Cheeezez of the World (Hmm, thiz iz cheez med bayee mayee wayeef uzeenk meelk frum hair own cheeyests)
especially very strong mature cheddar.
Baked potato and beans with lots of cheeez on it.
Kelly's clotted cream ice cream.
chocolate pudding and custard
cheeez and mushroom quesedilla
fresh tagliatelle and pesto
dry roasted nuts.

Quite hard to fit all those on one plate but you know what it's like when you've 'got the decorators in'
Mother of invention and all that.

billybytedoc said...

Wow, what a response, they are coming out of the woodwork.

Did anybody mention Barbeque Ribs?

Metamatician said...

Good one, T-Rex. Except the gross part.

Byte, I did, but not in the comments, I mentioned ribs in the main post as something you're more likely to go out for than fix quickly at home.

36 comments! That has an integer square root!

billybytedoc said...

Oops, I missed it!

And now I have ruined your integer sq rt, but nobody cares about that except you and me. LOL

Metamatician said...

Yeah, and to add insult to injury you turned it into a prime number.

This comment will get it back to respectability (evenness) at least!

Thesaurus Rex said...

The Budgie Lives!

Metamatician said...

Ahh... good news.

Anonymous said...

Okay, my all time favorite dish is a specialty from my native country (Belgium) .... "Frietjes met Stoofvlees". It's nothing more complicated than a beef stew with french fries but it's freaking DE-LE-CIOUS !!! Another favorite of mine is a French dish callled "Fondue Bourguignonne" ... I'm sure you know the whole fondue concept ... well this one is with beef (filet mignon chunks) dipped into boiling oil, served with various sauces .... again, freaking DE-LE-CIOUS !!!

Other than that, I luvz me some good ol' pizza, hamburgers, grilled steak, and ice cream ... not as exciting but hey, everbody likes that, right?

Olivier J.

Metamatician said...

Thanks Olivier. But I thought your favorite food was the Big Mac? ;-)

Nice to hear from you. I like fondue a lot too, and beef Bourguignonne used to be a specialty of my ex-wife. The first item you mention, the stew, sound great as well!

I see you like hearty, filling meals. Probably explains why you blew up and got so big and strong since our old hanging out days =)

Thanks for stopping by, and take care of that wife and son of yours.

Cheers. -Justin

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