Monday, February 1

Goodbye, Anonymous, we hardly knew ye.

I had to block anonymous posting. After years of luck, I've started getting a spam post under the "anonymous" heading every few days. They seem to appear on random blog posts, some going back years. I know about them right away though because the spam goes to my email as any other response would.

So I figured I'd better shut down that exhaust port before some wise-ass Jedi kid come by and shoots some real blast torpedoes into it. I'm still not resorting to the verification text yet, because it's such an annoyance to the users. But in the future I can't guarantee that I won't have to.

Anyway, I hope the lack of the ability to post anonymously doesn't hamper anyone too much. You can use any "OpenID" login to post still - it can be a Blogger account, but there are other blog formats that all participate in that open standard of a login/password gate, so I'm trying my best to keep it wide open to as many people as possible without letting the bad guys in.



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