Saturday, February 27

Sorry to all you non-Americans...

Let's see if our own citizens know who's on their money. No cheating! You'll only hurt yourself, in the end. Somehow.

Whose portrait is featured on the...
$1 bill?
$2 bill?
$5 bill?
$10 bill?
$20 bill?
$50 bill?
$100 bill?
$500 bill?*
$1000 bill?*

Fifty-cent piece?
Dollar coin? (There are several correct answers; I'll take any of them)

Anyone is welcome to play of course, not just Americans, though it might be more difficult for you...

*These and even higher-denomination bills are no longer printer over concerns of counterfeiting and of use by drug cartels, the mafia, and other unsavory types. Therefore, bonus points (2 pts) if you can get these to correct. It could make up for lost points elsewhere!


Soul Survivor said...

Soul Survivor said...

Things come in threes, like my comments.

I looked them after I posted. 8 out of 15. If this was a class, I'd flunk out.

Just FYI, the first comment (the one I removed) was me posting the wrong link. In the interest of full disclosure. :)

Metamatician said...

I deleted that non-post with my awesome administrative powers.

And yeah, you didn't do too well!

Lol, just kidding. Surprisingly most people are lucky to even do as well as you did. And they handle this stuff every day!

Maybe I'm just a nerd for knowing them all. Admittedly, I *did* collect coins for a time...


Nothing beats the British Ten Pound Note though - it's got DARWIN on it! Our idiotic religious country would never let our treasury get away with something that cool.


Hans said...

sorry, cats don't know about money

Metamatician said...

Ask your mom to answer then!

Metamatician said...

And brother H.

Hans said...

$1 - Washington
$2 - FDR
$5 - Lincoln
$10 - Jefferson
$20 - Jackson
$50 - Hamilton
$100 - B. Franklin
$500 - Eisenhower
$1000 - JRR Tolkien
penny - lincoln
nickel- Washington
dime - Eisenhower
quarter - Washington
Fifty cent - Kennedy
Dollar coin - Sacajawea

Metamatician said...

Thanks for playing, Hans! You did well for a cat.

You got 7 out of 15 correct.

Andrea is leading with 8 of 15.

I hope ByteDoc, Jovian, and other join the fun tomorrow!

Metamatician said...

BTW, interesting tidbit: Alexander Hamilton is the only male figure on our money who was never President. He was Secretary of the Treasury, a brilliant economic mind, and was killed too young by the treacherous, and traitorous, Aaron Burr. He's a very fascinating character:

Alexander Hamilton

The other two people to adorn US currency who were never President were of course Susan B. Anthony and Sacajawea. I suspect a Martin Luther King limited-circulation coin may come at some point; it's certainly long overdue.

Hans said...

Ben Franklin too.
Heath and I guessed together on these - neither of us knew for sure.

Metamatician said...

Oh yeah, Ben never got to be Pres either. Forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder.

billybytedoc said...

I would be lucky to get 3 right so I won't clutter up your Blog

Metamatician said...

Party pooper!

Metamatician said...

I suspect that's all we might get on this post, so I'll give the answers for those who haven't already looked them up.

$1 - Washington
$2 - Jefferson
$5 - Lincoln
$10 - Hamilton
$20 - Jackson
$50 - Grant
$100 - Franklin
$500 - McKinley
$1000 - Cleveland
Penny - Lincoln
Nickel - Jefferson
Dime - FDR
Quarter - Washington
Fifty cent - Kennedy
Dollar coin - Sacajawea, Susan B. Anthony, and now ALL the Presidents in a special set issued in recent years by the US Mint.

I just hope we never see George W. Bush's mug disgracing any of our money. I think I might move!

We need a Harriet Tubman and an Martin Luther King commemorative coin, I believe. And maybe a scientist, author, or inventor... I know, Steve Jobs! ;-)

Seriously though, maybe Alexander Graham Bell, Mark Twain, and Richard Feynman. At least put them on stamps - we've got Elvis stamps, for crying out loud!

And yes, I omitted Thomas Edison. I admit he was a genius and a great inventor, but he was a scumbag too and stole many of his ideas without giving any credit. He was the Bill Gates of his days, taking truly novel inventions from the likes of Nikola Tesla, who was not interested in business, and scaling them up and turning them into a buck. If Gates is the reincarnation of Edison, then Jobs is the reincarnation of Tesla (in a way).

That's primarily why I don't think Edison should be honored. Ethics should figure into the decision, and the man was in no way ethical, to his "partners" or shareholders, or indeed, to the public. He used his talent for personal gain, and the benefit we all got from it seems to have been a side-effect.


Mandula said...

I knew 3 of them, but not in the right order: Franklin, Grant, aaaand Jackson!

Yes, I saw The Mask with Jim Carrey. :)

Metamatician said...


I never saw The Mask...

Mandula said...

You should. :)

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