Saturday, February 27


Big old quake in Chile... 8.8 on the Richer Scale! Fortunately, the damage appears to be far less than it could have been given a quake of that magnitude. Track the ongoing story here:


Hans said...

that was a huge quake! poor Chileans. How can the U.S. keep helping world disasters with NO money?

Metamatician said...

Good point. It's nice of us and all, but what about the rest of the world pulling their weight for once?

People like to say the US donates the most money to charity and disaster relief because we HAVE so much money in the first place, as if to diminish what we do.

In actual fact, we donate more money PER CAPITA that any country in the world, in several studies I've seen, which makes us the most generous nation on earth independent of the gross amount we make.

I don't agree with everything out government does but some people (jealous ones, most likely) look to put a negative spin on everything we do, which is just ignorant. They should look at their own governments. Last time I checked, nearly every government in the world was flawed in some major way. It's not just America.

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