Saturday, July 3

Testing streaming audio directly (without using a widget, Javascript, or a 3rd party interface).

The Phantom commands you to Click!

This should open a new window or tab (depending on your browser and settings), which should play the song as it streams from my server to your computer. If it instead prompts you to save the file, it's not working properly - please let me know in the comments.

The new window/tab is a minor annoyance, and I'm thinking of a better way of doing it straight from HTML, but it's preferable to replacing the whole blog with a blank page playing a song. The ideal would be to have some tiny little control to start, pause, and stop. I'll try to find a javascript snippet for that. Til then, just bring the main blog page back to the foreground and the song will play in the background.

The when it's over, you can close that background page. If you click another streaming audio link, it should open again with the new song (or in another new window/tab if you left the original open). Again, a bit messy, but then at least it doesn't interrupt reading the blog - even leaving comments, etc., while the song is playing.

I could even set up play-lists like this, rather than embedded as they were before in an interface. By having a pop-out page or pop-out player widget, the music could rock you while you continued to read or view the blog. :) If anyone sees a particularly clever implementation of music in a blog, feel free to send me a link to it and I'll see how they've done it. Thanks!

Oh, and enjoy the voices of Emmy Rossum and Gerry Butler as Christine and Erik (The Phantom).


Metamatician said...

Works for me in Firefox 3.6.4 and Chrome 4 and 5(Beta), on Windows 7. Have not tried any other combination of browsers, versions, or OSes.

Wonder if it would work on a portable browser (WebKit-based, like Safari on iOS or Android's browser)? I suppose the browser would have to allow multiple windows or tabs.

Someone let me know!

Mandula said...

Access denied... :S Says, Im not logged in or dont have other permission... :((((

billybytedoc said...

I got the same "access denied" message on the iPad. Will try it on Mac and XP when I get home tonight.

Raelha said...

Same again here.

Metamatician said...

Well, then, apparently it doesn't work! Hmm, still investigating how I can let everyone has access - it must be a simple option somewhere. I'll send out and email when I think I've got it working and you guys can try it again.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

Metamatician said...

Ah - it should work now. Try again when you feel like it.

billybytedoc said...

Mac Safari Put the following in address " got to this address"

Mac Firefox Played it perfectly in quick time

XP Chrome Played it perfectly.

XP IE Said "connecting" in their stupid player whatever it is called but it never played.

XP Firefox Downloaded it and after 2 or 3 minutes, played it in windows media player.

I don't have Chrome Mac, I guess I should get it.

Chrome XP wins, Firefox Mac second.

But once again problems with different browsers as I had with my web sites.

I will get Chrome Mac and let you know.

Hans said...

works for me too!

Mandula said...

The file is downloading (I chose "open" before)...




playing! :D

Metamatician said...

Good, seems like it's working for most people. I'm still going to try to improve the way to serve up non-YouTube music, but for now at least this seem to work.

ByteDoc mentioned he tested Chrome on both Mac and Windows and it worked perfectly, whereas other browsers had some problems. May want to try Chrome, it's a really fast and good browser - but of course one blog is no reason to switch.

Anyway, thanks for helping me test this.

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