Thursday, July 29

To all you young men out there, this is how you you trim your sideburns.

Unless, you know, you can't grow cool enough facial hair yet. Or conversely, you're a bit more hirsute than I am and wanna go for the full, shaggy 70s look. That's ok too, I guess.

Or the currently trendy "beard-line with no beard inside" pioneered years ago by Prince, and lately seen on every second NBA player (the rest have the chin goatee without the moustache, though that's more of a baseball thing). Everyone has his own style, I guess.

You could do worse than copy the hair and the shirt, too. Not that you should copy others, mind you.

Lastly, those are not wrinkles you see near my eyes... it's a defect in your vision and/or a trick of the light.


~Ry~ said...

I am impressed. Will there be a follow up post for the ladies?

heh heh...

Metamatician said...

Um... I think I'll leave that to you. :)

Raelha said...

My vision must be highly defective, I can see lots of wrinkles on your forehead too :p

Interesting sideburns though. I think I'll be back to look at this every now and again to get used to the look.

billybytedoc said...

AKA Elvis!

Metamatician said...

lol @ byte.

they're gone now, raelha. this pic was taken awhile ago. my hair has gotten a lot longer and i've got a big scruffy beard, but that's just because i don't get out much.

it could all change tomorrow, who knows.

oh, it could all end tomorrow,
or it could go on forever
(in which case I'm doomed...)


Hans said...

Brother, I just don't understand why you don't let all your body hair grow like I do. I can't imagine going around shaved and then have to wear cloth over myself- think about the logic in this, will ya?

Raelha said...

Just when I get a picture of you in my head, you tell me it's all wrong!

Now I'm imagining a hairy bear with a very full beard, hmm, it doesn't quite gel yet. Perhaps you should follow Hans's suggestion and start growing it now in time for the winter. Now that would really give my imagination something to do.

Metamatician said...

Hans, good idea, but 1) It's a little warm right now for a big furry coat; I don't know how you cats put up with it. And 2) I AM pretty much just letting all my hair grow like John Lennon at a bed-in, the only problem is that since I'm a people, I don't have much body hair compared to a cat. Some people have more than others, like your brother Heath, but he got more of the German and English DNA for hair and I got more of the Spanish and American Indian, I guess. Spaniards usually have kinda scraggly hair, and Indians don't have much at all. I'm lucky to have enough facial hair to be able to grow goatees and stuff!

Raels, I wouldn't imagine that bear too hairy, unless he's a polar bear with a hippie head of hair. Maybe when I do get it cut someday I'll go for the straight, piecy look that David Bowie sported during much of the 2000s. I'll probably upload some good videos of him I found soon, you can see what I mean. But obviously, I would not be blonde, cut talking about the cut.

You look like YOU could use a cut, Hans! But I suppose that's the nature of your breed. R, I like your hair a lot right now, the longer the better! And mom, I always like your hair. :)

Maybe I should shave the word LAZY into Jackson's fur, that would be funny. He'd probably crane his head around to look then go back to sleep.

Raelha said...

Speaking of hair and cats, one of my sister's cat recently wound his way around her legs while they were coverd with hair removing cream, and now has several bald patches. Hans, be warned!

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