Sunday, July 25

YOU select the subject of the next quiz.

Here are the categories...

A. Science and Nature.
B. History.
C. Popular Culture.
D. Sports and Games.
E. Art and Literature.
F. Mythology.
G. Food Facts.

Just vote once; leave a comment with a single letter, and I'll tally them up at the end.

Note: I'll try to make each about the same intrinsic difficulty level; however, each person who plays will obviously have her/his own strengths and weaknesses.


Raelha said...

G, I think. I like them all. Any quiz will be happily undertaken, whatever the subject.

Hans said...


Mandula said...

Mythology! :D

Metamatician said...

I like your enthusiasm, Mandi :-)

An Gabhar Ban said...

E as long as you include bits from F :) don't you just love how we all (with the exception of Hans) follow directions so well?

Metamatician said...

It's ok, I'm used to almost no-one on this blog following directions. You guys are mostly creative types who don't bother following rules, and in the end that's more fun anyway :)

Heck, I even break my own rules when I answer my questions.

billybytedoc said...

A, and it wins!

Metamatician said...

A is the winner.

New quiz coming soon.

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