Wednesday, November 17

Cool, it's about time!

The Beatles were the last major holdout, mostly over a dumb fight to do with the similarity of the Apple Corps / Apple, Inc names. And probably Yoko being a stubborn, contrarily counterculture you-know-what. I can't see Paul or Ringo having a problem with making their entire catalogue of music, especially the new remastered box sets and the rest, available to new fans on the largest seller of music in the world. Doesn't take a genius to realize this will make both parties a lot more money being together than slogging it out separately. The band wouldn't sell their music through the biggest and best music retailer in the world. And iTunes Music Store had a glaring hole where the best band ever was quite conspicuously absent from their offerings. Now? All patched up and solved, apparently, and The Beatles will make Apple, Inc even hipper, and the other way round. Win-win situation and it shouldn't have taken nearly this long. Stubborn artists.

It's OK though because I already have every remastered Beatles album and nearly all their 'videos', films, and radio shows (Christmas specials, for example) as well as lots of audio-only interviews with members of the band, plus the Beatles Anthology DVD boxed set and the remix project "Love" put together by George Martin and his son a few years ago. So I was all set anyway. But maybe today's youth will discover the Fab Four all over again.


Hans said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah ....Yeah!!! I like the photos!!

Hans said...

Love Lennon's quote, btw.

Metamatician said...

Me too! :D

Raelha said...

I'm sorry, I keep coming here to comment, but then I see Mr H in that first photo and get distracted. Mmmm.

Metamatician said...

Ah yes, Mr H. The favorite of many a lass.

I can never decide whether I like George or John more. They both, I think, thought the same thing, but from different directions if that makes sense.

Just depends on how aggressive I feel like being.

Metamatician said...

And any way... you don't have to like one thing more.

(note to self)

Raelha said...

Yes, very true. I think John would be more challenging, and perhaps more interesting that way, but George would more comfortable, someone you could spend more time with without getting so wound up.

I like your note to self. Though lists are fun.

Metamatician said...

Quite right on all counts.

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