Thursday, November 4

Gratuitous web site names.

Minor pet peeve - you go to bookmark a site. Instead of "Yahoo" or "Rattlebox" appearing as the name on your extremely space-limited bookmarks bar or menu, it comes out something like " Your one-stop shop for cards that don't suck, where you can personalize a whole range of hilarious non-sucky cards that don't suck in any way, however you like, because this is Rattlebox, and it doesn't suck, nor do its cards, which by the way you can personalize!!1!"

I then have to take the extra step of hitting [F2] or right-clicking and selecting "Edit" in order to trim the fat off the name (yes, even the '.com' part). Why can't they snap out of marketing anus-head mode for a minute and see that we normal users just get peeved about that kind of thing? Give me a simple, one-word site name for my bookmarks by default! It would save so much time over the long run for those of us who actually try to keep a useful and attractive set of bookmarks.


Raelha said...

Heh, and I thought it was just me.

Metamatician said...


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