Wednesday, November 10

World's most populous countries.

Without looking, just take a guess and name the top 10 most populous countries in the world, in the comments section. When you've done that you can click HERE and check your answers. But please write them out before you click, it will be much more fun that way.

A lot of the "old" ideas we have about the "great nations" of the world are being overturned, at least in terms of population size. Of course, wealth and power of nations is not particularly coordinated with population, so when we think of those 19th century colonial powers we may be still somewhat accurate in the amount of influence they wield in today's world.

Still, it's a bit eye-opening to see which countries have gone from mere afterthoughts prior to the 20th century to significant chunks of the pie of humanity. So many mouths to feed...


Metamatician said...

(Until you've listed yours)

I made my own list before I looked up the actual figures and came up with this:

01. China
02. India
03. USA
04. Indonesia
05. Brazil
06. Mexico
07. Russia
08. Japan
09. Pakistan
10. Germany

I was pretty far off the mark with some of mine, and failed to even consider a couple of the true top ten. And I was the type of person to read almanacs as a kid :)

It's a new world, apparently.

billybytedoc said...

No clue from here on.

Metamatician said...

Not bad for your top five. Missed the USA though! Other than that you had the other four in the proper order.

It's #5-#10 that get trickier...

Raelha said...

I reckon the top five looks something like this:


And then these are guesses:

South Africa

Metamatician said...

Funny, you got the same top 4 as Byte in almost the same order (I think everyone will get the top 2 in the right order), and the correct top 5 though not in the correct order.

Your next five weren't bad but were like mine in a way; we're still thinking of how things were when we were young, and missed a couple of recent additions (7 and 8 on the Wiki list).

Mandula said...

If you mean that the biggest amount of people per country, then here are my guesses:

1. China
2. India
3. USA, I'm not sure
4. Russia (somehow I remember it is fourth or ninth)
No ideas about the other places... :(

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