Friday, January 21

Just got this to watch.

Amazed I'd never seen it before with those three actors in it. Looks a bit creepy too. Based on a Tennessee Williams play, and by the director of On the Waterfront. Must be good! I know the title of course but really know nothing about the film. Anyone seen this? Don't spoil it if so, just interested if you have.

Just went through all 10 Star Trek flicks recently, so now I'm on an "old" movie kick to change gears, so to speak. Stuff with Monty Clift, Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, Katherine Hepburn, Gregory Peck – all the interesting actors. And in good films too. If you've got some favorites from the past, whether well-known or barely-known (the latter would be better), please share them.

Always looking for quality films I haven't seen before.


billybytedoc said...

I have never seen that one. I have been watching some of those "oldies but goodies" also. Many are very good.

Metamatician said...

Ok, thanks. I agree, many are great. Movies haven't gotten any better... effects and technical innovations have gotten better, but a good movie comes down to a good story, good script, good acting, good lighting and cinematography, and a good director. Those things haven't materially changed in the last 80 years, really.

I also like the slower pacing of the older films, and the more classical scores. Still, there are bad old films and great new ones, so it's pointless to generalize...

Hans said...

I think I saw this (the one I saw too place in the South). So it's a maybe. I like these movies too! Just looked it up and it was Raintree County I saw. This one looks interesting.

Metamatician said...

Ah yeah, Raintree County was a good one. Better than the sequel, "Braintree County".

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