Saturday, January 22

My current Comcast connection.

After a few tries it seemed to keep coming out almost the same...

I know the reported upload speed is too slow. I observe traffic both ways pretty religiously, and it should be quite a bit higher. The test told me my ISP might be experiencing a heavy load or using "upload compression" whatever that is.

Also, I've got lots of apps open and haven't rebooted in ages, so that doesn't help. The download speed of 11 Mbps seems pretty accurate, though. On a good day on a good site, I can download things at between 5mb and 10mb per second. That's a music CD in about 10 seconds, a watchable-quality movie in about 5 minutes (less or more depending on the number of seeders), and a 720p Blu-ray rip encoded as an H.264/.mkv file in about 20 minutes.

Want to test your speed?

Caveat: I'm not sure this will work for non-North American users. Feel free to try, though.


Raelha said...

I'd rather not test my speed, thank you very much, it'll only dishearten me, and won't be telling me anything that we don't already know!

Metamatician said...

Quite sensible.

billybytedoc said...

You need to reboot Windoze every 20 minutes, between each download. LOL (A Mac user obviously).

Metamatician said...

Har har. So what is YOUR speed, Byte?

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