Thursday, January 27

Which do you like better? Or do you say "Mu!"

The original, from the 1989... Except it's not the original, it's a version. Though it's still Robert Smith from The Cure, who wrote it... I'm guessing this is live or something. Original enough.

(There was a cover version by a musician called "Adele" here, previously.)

Lost the Adele version already, on account of copyright violation. Yet you can go to YouTube and watch it. Isn't streaming something to people you have an influence on just free publicity for an artist, so that those people may buy the album? I don't understand the strongarm tactics of the music industry a-holes. I just love music and want to share it with people; I'm not filling my site with ads and trying to make a nickel off anything. If the people I know like something enough that I put up, they are likely to buy it legally. Everyone I know well will, if they have money. If they don't, they wouldn't buy it anyway! Duh...

Well, so much for the comparison. By the way, about the Mu reference...

Simple version

More accurate version

Basically saying "mu!" to a question is to "unask" the question. Useful for paradoxes and being questioned by the FBI.


billybytedoc said...

the cure ugh.

adele ho hum.

By the way, you have ads on the site, one came on when I clicked the cure. If you get $$s for clicks, I will click 20 times, if not, off they go.

Metamatician said...

Ads, really?? I don't see them when I look at it.

I DON'T want ads, so I'll try to find what is causing that.

Thanks for alerting me.

Metamatician said...

Thanks for the opinions, too. I can always rely on you to be honest! I prefer that anyway.

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