Tuesday, October 12

Elf Girl by Dashinvaine


Metamatician said...

Wish I could draw like this. It doesn't seem too hard, I can picture myself drawing this now, looking at it for reference. But to draw off the top of one's head... Well, maybe he or she had a model or a photograph to follow too. Without one, I don't think I'd get all the proportions right.

I suck at drawing people and animals... things with faces and no straight lines. I need to take a real drawing class, I guess. I took art in high school and did very well, and I'm much better with paint or pastels... but sketching, it depends. I can draw trees and dressers and other things pretty well, it's mostly humans that I make look pretty amateurish. I think because we all know so well exactly what a face is supposed to look like, so we're much more picky about how they're drawn that, say, a landscape.

How are you at drawing? If you enjoy drawing, what do you like to draw most? What are you best at? In what ways would you like to improve?

Raelha said...

You very first comment was what I was about to type here myself. Wow! What a brilliant drawing. I'm pretty crap at it myself. I can manage cats, since I drew then over and over again growing up, though they're still not brilliant. other animals too, I'm ok at then, and I remember I once drew a scence from Florence - river, bridge, old buildings, though it was copying from a photo. Still it turned out pretty well. Oh, and all of the above was with pencil. I'm even worse with a brush and paints, not that I've ever had much tuition in that area. If I had lots of free time I think I'd consider classes, it must be very therapeutic, dawbing at a canvas and producing something of your own.

Oh, and I'm absolutely terrible at drawing people. I'm not sure what it is that makes then so difficult but basically I stay with stick figures unless it's absolutely necessary to flesh them out. Mostly I draw at work - to help students with vocab (no Spanish allowed in my classes) and your basic stick figures - with legs or legs and skirt, to differentiate - work fine for me ;)

Metamatician said...

Hehe, I quite like stick figures. I used to draw them in the upper corners of books so they would be animated when you flipped through the pages... lightsaber wars were a common theme. In fact that was in James and the Giant Peach, which I've still got in a box somewhere. Hmm, I'll have to search for it now!

My mom is a very good painters, oils on canvas, and also she's just always been a good artist all round - sketching, charcoal, watercolours, pastels, you name it. I certainly didn't get her genes in that regard.

Though Heath did - he's very artistic too when he cares enough to do it. His problem is lack of motivation or energy. He's a good poet and write, and a good artists, he just rarely ever practices. Too bad because I think he's be really good if he practiced, like he is at cooking.

A talented kid, that guy. Good at games, too (board and video). I was usually the better one at sports, but then again, he needed glasses/contacts and no one knew until he was a senior in high school! That would tend to put a damper on athletic development, poor guy.

Metamatician said...

Sorry for the typos. My phalanges are acting traitorous right now.

Raelha said...

I think everyone could be a lot more creative given time and encouragement. I often partake of a little fantasy of mine where nobody has to work, everyone is given enough to live on as long as they do something with their lives. Just imagine what we could create if that were the case! And, everyone would end up doing something they enjoyed too.

I'd like to see that copy of James and the Giant Peach :)

An Gabhar Ban said...

Except for the fact that you defaced a book, that's pretty cool about the animated stick figures. I always got too impatient and never did enough in series to actually make it look really "animated"...
I like to think I'm a fair hand at drawing with pencil or charcoal but painting is a hit or miss kind of affair. Animals are fairly easy, landscapes bore me but if I put my mind to it I'm capable, and like the both of you, I suck at people. I think the reason we have such a difficult time with people is we're looking for perfection. I've yet to see a person who had perfectly symmetrical features (except for E. Hurley perhaps) yet when we try to draw people we look for that perfection and when the result looks too much like a normal, imperfect human we think it's crap and toss it.
Oh and isn't it odd that I'm just like the two of you also in the fact that I can imagine EVERY SINGLE BRUSH STROKE in my mind but can't reproduce the movements on paper/canvas to create that masterpiece I've envisioned? I guess that just goes to show we've got superb imaginations! :)

Hans said...

I've always wanted to draw or paint portraits. I think the hardest part would be to make the eyes realistic. Like the Elf Girl....everything is very simply drawn, but the eyes are what makes this successful. But I'm just a cat, what do I know.

Metamatician said...

Yes, the eyes are the hardest, for sure. The best think I think I ever drew with a pencil was an eye that actually looked very good. It's on a hard drive somewhere, I'll post it if I can find it.

And Hans, or mom rather, you're way too modest. You draw everything well. Karen, you're quite a good artist, too.

Metamatician said...

I dunno why but I keep coming back (being drawn back?) to look at this sketch. I think it's really well done. It seems simple enough, but the proportions (and critically the eyes, as Hans said) are all just right.

It's pleasing to look at.

An Gabhar Ban said...

It's funny that eyes are the hardest for most people. I can draw eyes by themselves that look almost lifelike but then I get stuck on things like lips and cheeks and jawbones... I guess that's what makes us unique eh?

And thank you. I'm glad you think I do a decent sketch :D

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