Thursday, October 7

National Geographic animal quizzes.

On National Geographic's website there are some short quizzes about common animals. You can find them HERE.

Here's how I did on the ones I took. Not bad, not great.

Cats: 9/10
Backyard Bird: 8/10
Big Cats: 9/10
Dogs: 6/10
Endangered Animals: 7/10
Lions: 9/10
Monkeys: 8/10
Sea Turtles: 8/10
Tigers: 8/8

How will you do? You can report your scores but don't have to. It's just for fun.


An Gabhar Ban said...

love quizzes. did lousy on most but did get all the big cat questions right :) and would have had the birds 9/10 but I had one wrong that I'll argue with them about all day long. I have pictorial proof that woodpeckers WILL come to a bird feeder and eat seeds on a regular basis. so :P National Geographic!

Metamatician said...

Lol. Always one for a fight, must be the Irish in you.

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