Wednesday, October 6


The annoying "Upgrade to Pro today" message ought to be gone soon. It's the little swooshy page dividers that are causing the problem. The host of that graphic is not paying their bill with Photobucket. At least I know the problem now, and it should be fixable by simply transferring the graphic to my Picasa account. The original swash was "copylefted" and designated as free for use on noncommercial sites, which mine is. But the account hosting it is not being reliably paid for by the owner of it (or is running into a traffic overflow issue - he's running out of bandwidth before his three months are up, for example). I suppose the best way to do anything is by oneself. Isn't it always that way? *Sigh* I'll transfer it over to my own photo/graphics host as soon as I get a bit of time. Should be very easy... Thanks for putting up with it in the meantime.


billybytedoc said...

Funny, I clicked on it, nothing happened!

I thought maybe you had added advertisements and if I clicked on it they would send you a penny.

Sorry it didn't work.


Metamatician said...

Lol. Thanks anyway!

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