Sunday, October 10

Happy Binary Day everyone.

Today is 10/10/10, or 101010.

Which is binary for our decimal number 42.

Which just so happens to be the answer to life.

Google it if you don't believe me!



An Gabhar Ban said...

I should have known I wasn't the only person out there who wondered what yesterday's date was in binary!! :D The world didn't end nor did anything remarkable happen so I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens on some other auspicious day.

billybytedoc said...

Comments ( in fun of course )

Since when is 10/10/10 a number. It is meaningless as a number. It is a collection of unrelated numbers.

Months Days Years or Days Months Years depending on where you live ( happens to be the same in both places this time. When is the last time that happened? ).

010101?? When is the last time you used a 6 bit computer? Should be 10 1010 or even better 0010 1010

Yesterdays date in binary really is


or in hexadecimal


I'm sure you all wanted to know the above. Hold the applause. My name is byte for a reason.

Metamatician said...

Well, 10/10/10 may technically be a string, but if you have some imaginations you can strip any non-integrals and come up with 101010. Then you can derive the answer to teh Universe.

I like A/A/A ... missed that one!

Metamatician said...

I'll have to do more with modal arithmetic on this blog, so ByteDoc can participate more :o)

Metamatician said...

As for bit-length... if you don't think about computers, Byte, but pure unadulterated math, then 101010 makes perfect sense in binary.

Even the Egyptians knew this!

Raelha said...

OK, so I'm a bit lost after reading the other comments. I was just going to say it was a shame Douglas Adams wasn't around for yesterday. Well, it's a huge shame he's not around, full stop.

Metamatician said...

Yep. The world's loss.

Hans said...

On 10/10/10 Coco and I climbed to the top of our cat condo and scratched a hole in the ceiling, climbed into the attic, scratched another hole in that ceiling and we were standing on the roof. We looked around and saw other cats sitting on their roofs. A huge oval-shaped, shiny object appeared above us. Little portals in the "ship" opened and hundreds of kitties floated up into the portals. Coco and I too! All of us were standing in a very large space that was empty. I imagined it would nice to have my food with me and it just appeared right before me. Coco looked at me and the food and a bowl of water appeared before her. We were hungry like we had been on a long journey. Soon things were popping up everywhere...kitty condos, balls of yarn, toilet paper rolls, shopping name it - every fun thing you could think of. Then it happened........
I woke up! and it was still 10/10/10. Coco was sleeping beside me....I don't think she remembers anything!! At least she never talks about it.

Metamatician said...

Hans, you have quite the vivid imagination. I don't think Coco remembers it because it wasn't real! It probably happened in one of your cat naps.

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