Friday, January 1

First! of 2010 that is. -12:00am!!!-

And it's an even numbered post to mark the return to sanity of an even-numbered year. Things were meant to be in pairs, not alone. That's my belief and I'm sticking to it.

Have a great year, everyone.


Mandula said...

I wish all your dreams come true in this year, the sooner the better. :) :hugz: :*

Metamatician said...

Thanks Mandus, I wish the best for you as well. :)

Magdalene said...

Happy New Year J. Love from the English pair. S & D xx

Metamatician said...

Have a great year ya limey gits!! (said with affection)

Maybe I'll make it to England after all someday. I'd like to pop in for a 'real' ale and some Scrabble/trivia.

My love to Engerland! Good luck in the 2010 World Cup against... USA!

Maalie said...

Happy Gnu Year! Gnice to see you again, especially now that we are in a soccer World Cup Year.

Metamatician said...

Yes and us Yanks shouldn't be pushovers this time given our world ranking (#14 in the world vs England at #9) and wins over Spain and Denmark in friendlies recently!

Thanks for stopping by, Maalie :)

Anyone ever tell you you look a bit like Zahi Hawass, the famous Egyptologist, with that hat? =)

Hans said...

2010 - If this isn't a better year than last, I'm hoppin' on the A-bus (takes you on a one way trip to somewhere called Abyss - sounds intriguing)

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