Sunday, January 3

I had a crush on Harriet Wheeler for the longest time...

From high school, through college, and beyond... and guess what? After seeing The Sundays in a small San Francisco club (which was awesome enough), I actually got to go backstage and meet her, give her a hug, and have a couple beers with her. And talk about our kids and about life in general. It was a night I'll never forget.

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Hans said...

I can see why - cute girl, cute voice. It's cool to meet someone who otherwise is just a name. Like me meeting Dwight Yoakum. I didn't get to hang around and talk one on one, but it was a fun experience overall. Getting to see Elvis while he was making a movie across the Highway from me when I was 14 was my top "celebrity" experience. Catching glimpses of other actors is always fun, but not like being 20' from Elvis in a small group of neighbors watching him act. He's absolutely gorgeous, tall, blue-black hair, eye contact with the on-lookers. Generous to let us get so close, but those were the early sixties before such crazy things happened every second. Still an innocent era. God I miss that part of life.

Metamatician said...

Yeah...I hear ya. Pretty amazing to see Elvis, the King, in a small group the way you did - that's quite an experience. It's funny how we freeze moment like that in time and remember them in vivid detail, while countless other days float by that we forgot as soon as they've ended.

I think people with very active lifestyles probably remember more and feel time hasn't passed quite so quickly as those of who basically sit around and watch the world through the window. I dunno, just a theory. I miss the past too, but it's gone. I'll try to make the future a good one if I can.

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