Saturday, January 2

Please help protect cat species.

They are disappearing off the face of the earth at an alarming rate, much like primates and many, many other animals, due to habitat loss from growing human populations.

Let's use our nuclear arsenals from the Cold War to decimate the human population of the earth to about 500 million, less than 1/6th of the present unsustainable, unfed, and uneducated number. Ok, only kidding - I'm no Hitler or Stalin but I wish there was a humane way to curb, and then reverse, the number of humans on this planet.

We are ruining the earth not only for the animals that live upon it, but for us, as we destroy the same interconnected, symbiotic ecosystem which sustains our species as well. Please help me to raise awareness and if you can afford it, make a contribution to a wildlife or ecosystem-based charitable cause. Happy new decade! Let's take care of our planet - our home. It's the only one we and millions of other miraculous living species have. We've got basically one chance to get this right, folks.


Hans said...

Cute little guys! I agree about the human species - we are out of control

Metamatician said...

Thanks, Hans! You're a cute little guy too. Glad you're starting to feel better!

Mandula said...

Totally agreed. :)

billybytedoc said...

We should name him/ her "Sleepy" ( near the end ).

Very cute!

Metamatician said...


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