Thursday, January 14

More human than human.

The best scene from one of the greatest films ever, in my opinion. Harrison Ford is brilliant - at his peak - and yet Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty is one of the most fearsome yet sympathetic "bad guys" ever. This movie wreaks havoc with the notion of biological vs artificial, real memory vs implanted ones, right vs wrong, "the greater good" vs individual rights, and most importantly, the definition of life and whether man should play God messing about on either side of the line.

If you're one of the rare people who have not seen this movie, by all means get the latest "Final Cut" version and watch it several times to catch all the subtleties. Philip K. Dick's original story, Ridley Scott's amazing vision in 1981 (watch it now and tell me if it looks at all dated), a great ensemble of actors, and the haunting score by Vangelis combine to make this at or near the very top of my list. Not just of sci-fi, but of all films.

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Hans said...

Shocking scene when you've experienced this unique movie. More there than you realize as meta says.

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