Wednesday, January 13


I know a woman
prettier than most
but the look in her eyes is
pale as a ghost
seen too many summers pass
or a few too many nights
woke up too many mornings
from too many fights

Lift her up.

I know a guy who
ran far from it all
six foot or over
but couldn't stand tall
he's never looked better
yet he's never had it worse
his wings were tarred and
feathered in his fall

Lift him up.

For I say to you there is a spirit
when you take away every other spirit
and the void yawns before you
but you scream back at the emptiness
that deeply offends you
and when you remove hell and heaven
you are left with only being
and being itself is enough to

Lift yourself up.

J. Sias 2010


chaoticbliss_ said...

Love it!!!! nicely done

Giusi said...

I may know that guy too, a handsome man with his wings clipped. And I'm glad he's found what is left. His being. Lift it up!

Thanks for sharing. It's a spur for everyone!

Metamatician said...

Thank you both.

N, you're very sweet...
G, you're really perceptive...

I have a lot to be thankful for.

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