Monday, May 24

The Arcane

Here in the garden of the arcane delights,
Dark shadows overwhelm us and we become blind.
Blind to the needs of those who would be free
From the grip of fear and the prisons of the mind. 

Amidst the throes of perplexity
Phobia moves amongst us, in her hand is held the seed.
Extermination angel stood beside the road
In violent retribution for the seeds we have sown.

(Brendan Perry)


An Gabhar Ban said...

Some thought provoking lines there.

Not wanting to seem to be ignoring the prose for the photo but is that a real fossil, not photoshopped? I'm just awestruck by what appears to be geodes formed inside the cavities of the fossil. Incredible.

Metamatician said...

It's got to be Photoshopped. Nautiluses don't appear cut in half naturally as fossils - someone had to have done it. Likewise, crystal formation happens over geological time (and in igneous rocks I believe, not on calcium carbonate shell walls), so the timespans would seem to be incompatible.

I'll try to find out for sure but I would be floored if this were natural.

Metamatician said...

Well I'll be damned. It's real!


First of all it's an ammonite, not a nautilus, so my first assumption was wrong. Secondly, while geodes often form in igneous rock as ejected balls of molten rock cool and the insides crystallize, it turns out geodes can form in many other types of rocks on other substrates... even calcium carbonate.

The more you learn about the world, the more fascinating it becomes!

Here's a general article about geodes:

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