Tuesday, May 25

Followup to English accent post.

Here's a funny clip from a show called "Mumbai Calling" in which the character played by the always-great Richard E Grant (Withnail & I, etc.) is teaching a group of Indian customer support workers about accents...

Here's another clip with an English guy running through some of the major regional accents. Turns out there are loads of people more than happy to demonstrate accents on YouTube, some well, some not so well. Actually, it turns out there are loads of people doing everything you can possibly imagine on YouTube.


Raelha said...

My slow connection gives me trouble with videos, but I managed the shorter one. Richard E Grant is a national treasure! Did anyone ever name him as a reason for UK superiority when you were running your UK vs USA quiz type thingumygig?

Anyway, I wanted to say it was hilarious. I especially loved the Geordies as people who "sell babies for beer money" part. Just wonderful. Although his Georide accent wasn't too hot (way better than mine though) and he did in fact sound a bit Welsh in parts.

Metamatician said...

Always a backhanded compliment from you :P

But yeah, Richard E Grant is priceless. His Scots was right on, too, I thought, though that's a pretty easy one to do.

I only wish I could get that show from here. I'm sure I'll be able to download the episodes within days of them airing, though.

Now get back to speaking Macclesfield-distorted Spanish with your little buddies in that funny little kingdom of Asturias. :)

Hans said...

Thanks, there's quite a variety - our guide in Bath was Cockney then I believe.

Richard was funny! I'll have to see more of him.

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