Tuesday, May 25

Two live from DCD.

If you enjoyed these, I strongly recommend the DVD Toward the Within for the full concert, and more interview clips. Sadly Dead Can Dance are no longer together, but Brendan and Lisa continue to have solo careers.


Hans said...

prefer him over her in these songs, but they are very good!

An Gabhar Ban said...

Methinks I like it. I'll have to see if the DVD is available on Netflix...

Metamatician said...

Great AGB! I'd have to divorce you as a friend if you didn't! Lol.

Hans, you have great taste too! I prefer Brendan as well but she's a good complement/contrast to him and I think they were at their best when together, like the Beatles.

Especially when they harmonized or one backed the other on a song, with a chant or something. Very unique sound.

That's a great DVD. I don't know how well the original source tape would hold up, but I'd love to see it again on Blu-ray. I lost my DVD to Taunya. We saw them in concert! And we watched that DVD quite a few times.

Also check out the movie Baraka sometime, either of you - they feature heavily on the soundtrack to that, too. And Lisa's gone on to work with Hans Zimmer, the famous movie composer, on soundtracks for The Insider, Blackhawk Down, and others, but most notably on Gladiator.

Now We Are Free

JOVIAN said...

I wish there was a blu-ray version of Toward the Within. What I really want is the blu-ray of Baraka:


since it was filmed in 70mm. It must be stunning. The old DVD just doesn't hold up well on HD displays/tvs.

I think this DVD is one of those measuring sticks you can use to see if connect with someone or not. It's like that BBC commercial that showed a clip of the Monty Python sketch "Flying Sheep" (see 3:45-4:04):


followed by the line, "If your girlfriend laughed at that, marry her."

Metamatician said...

Hahah, I love that one. Well I pretty much like every sketch they did, but haven't seen that one in a few years.

"Notice they do not so much fly, as plummet."

Also, that must be a huge sheep! LOL.

And yeah, it'd be great to have ALL the Ron Fricke films on Blu-ray.

An Gabhar Ban said...

I'm wanting to check out that movie now. I think I need to stop "hanging out" with you guys. My list of things to watch is growing faster than my time available!!

I cracked up at the sheep though, love Monty Python. =)

Metamatician said...

Keep hanging out with us, Karen, and you will become very, very cool indeed.

And yeah, you'll have list of movies to see and records to listen to till the day you die, but hey - that's a good thing.

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