Monday, May 24

Who here likes gems and minerals?

Giant crystals found in Mexican cavern by miners

Do you have a passion for rocks, minerals, and gems? In jewelry, as a collector or rock hunter, even in the science of geology itself?

If so, raise your hand! Or leave a comment...

Why do you like them? What do rocks, even very pretty ones, mean to you? What about fossils - ever found one yourself? Find yourself intrigued by them?

Ever bought a geode and taken it home to crack open and see if it's a winner?

Any little stories about where you grew up and the geology of the area would be fascinating. =)


~Ry~ said...

I like jade. Particularly in raw form and deep hues of green. I think the reason I prefer jade to most other gems is that it doesn't sparkle. I don't trust shiny things. Jade is smooth, comforting, and brings to mind earthiness and calm.

Metamatician said...

Thanks, Ry. I quite like Jade myself, especially that royal white jade the emperors of China used to claim exclusive rights to possess and use.

You're right, it's comforting. You can rub it and it's a bit waxy feeling and looking while still having a deep luster and a weight suggesting it isn't some ordinary stone; something's aligned chemically within it.

Not to mention it's great for carving figurines, cameos, and the like.

I don't know whether you'll come back, but I'm curious as to why you don't trust shiny things. It's a perfectly valid yet curious statement.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to come back any time!

I hope you don't mind that I've visited your blogs and am very curious to read both. And I love the design of 'The Everlasting Scheme' - this level of art is what I hope to switch over to sometime this year.

I've not had time to read any of your stories yet but I soon will.


An Gabhar Ban said...

I LOVE rocks, from tiny little grains of sand to the huge molten cored one we live on. They can be bright shiny faceted jewels or dull chunks of rough sandstone and I can be fascinated for hours.

What I like about them? They're solid, reliable, and yet no two chunks ever seem to be the same. Mankind might learn a few things from rocks if you ask me.

One of my greatest delights is the ceaseless staring at rocks in my travels and being rewarded with a fossil. There are creeks where I live here in VA that are littered with fossil filled rocks. I like the pretty gems on display in the museum but I'd rather have a chunk of that slag from a old, historic iron smelter I picked up recently (yes I know, must not take things from state lands but I JUST CANT HELP IT, it's a melted piece of ROCK!!!)
I could go on and on but I won't for now. I have other posts to comment on...

Mandula said...

:raising hand: :D

An Gabhar Ban said...

And yes I have a pile of pretty rubble at my old house where I convinced my parents to buy me a whole box full of geodes in the hopes of finding something stellar.

Better luck next time...

Metamatician said...

That suggests a good business plan... collect a whole bunch of fist-size rocks, maybe toss in a few bigger ones - chip them into a round shape if they aren't already, then hold court at a local gem faire. Price your "geodes" to sell, make a few hundred bucks, then get the hell out of there and move on to the next town! Rinse and repeat.


Hans said...

I like rocks because they vibrate with the energy of millions of years of existence. They have been known to heal, they have adorned Royalty to peasants, they are all interesting in their unique constructions, origins, feel, hardness, color, clarity. People take them for granted unless they are polished, shaped, or of gemstone quality. But even a fairly plain looking stone is ancient and holds many secrets (good thing they can't talk) but don't you wish they could? Fossils are treasures (and proof!! of evolution). Build your house on rock or out of rock, paving stones, flagstone, Rock of Gibraltar, Half Dome in Yosemite - one heck of a rock. Gemstones - whoa - Ry, that's hilarious. If a crow can trust shiny things, then you are not a Libra are you? I love shiny diamonds that are so faceted that they're like prisms. I like all precious and semi precious stones. I love Jade!! It makes me feel good - I have a deep green single piece bracelet that weighs a lot. I love my diamond (a good specimen that is becoming very hard to find). I also love my amber jewelry which is stone-like, but smooth with quite a history. I like the functions of rocks from useful to decorate. Who couldn't like rocks? Even the word "rock" is cool. Rock 'n roll!!

Metamatician said...

Can't beat that comment, Hans, so I'll just say I agree with all that you said!

Rocks keep me grounded :)

Oh and I'll watch a well-made series about the natural history of the earth or geology in general over a conventional movie any day!

Unless it's the LOTR Extended trilogy. Or Blade Runner. Or Gladiator. ;)

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