Wednesday, May 26

Do you like ice cream?

I know, dumb question, right?

What's your favorite brand and flavor? Or top few, if you can't possibly narrow it down to one.

Mine is Häagen-Dazs Butter Pecan.


An Gabhar Ban said...

Brand... Homemade with goats milk.
The flavor(s): Butter Pecan, Black Cherry, Vanilla and I mean real stuff with the bean bits, and once in a blue moon... moose tracks, banana pudding, or fudge ripple, oh and black raspberry isn't bad either when they're in season.

I really want some ice cream now... thanks a lot. ;)

Metamatician said...

Going homemade on us right away! Not fair!

Your main choices are all yummy though. Not sure about the occasional ones... for me, that is.

billybytedoc said...

Impossible to answer!

Flavor - believe it or not Vanilla.

Brand - who cares - no - any really rich and creamy and not good for me stuff.

JOVIAN said...


Unfortunately I rarely try the ultra-fatty super-delicious ice creams that are available. I'm sure any number of them would be tastier than what I generally eat but I would soon look like Jabba the Hutt. So departing from brand, I'll say that my favorite flavors tend to be vanilla, chocolate, chocolate w/peanut butter, dulce de leche, pistachio, cookies and cream, black cherry w/chocolate chips, and coconut. sorry, couldn't narrow it down too much further. It depends on the day!

Then, you can break it down even further: style (Mexican, Indian, Gelato, etc), how one eats it (Toppings, In a cone/bowl, Shakes), best combinations (one scoop coconut, one scoop Baileys). The possibilities are endless.

Mmmm, ice cream.

JOVIAN said...

I wish I could eat butter pecan :( I'm pretty sure it would be my favorite too.

Giusi said...

I'll go for homemade Italian "gelato al fiordilatte" (and by "homemade" I mean the ice-cream that you can buy everywhere in traditional ice-cream shops in Italy). It looks like vanilla, but it's just milk and fresh cream! Superlative!

But Häagen-Dazs Butter Pecan or Macadamia Nuts are very good too! ;-)

Mandula said...

I love vanilla, red fruits/berries, tropical fruits, sour fruits, fruits with yoghurt, other fruits, chocolate, caramell, rice, and the cake-flavoured ice-creams the most. Cake flavoured mean: imagine a real good cake or cookie or other dessert as an icecream. F.e. Gerbeaud, Black Forrest Cake, Russian Creme Cake, famous hungarian cakes, etc. With the baked pasta in the icecream too! :)

And there are a ot of egsotic flavour too which I cannot remember all - there are too many of them! :D What I _don't_ really like is punch, and the only one I hate is brittle (which is kinda burnt sugar with sesame seeds or almond or walnut, but not the caramell i like, it is a bitter thing). Sugar almond is the other word in the dictionary, I dont know which is the eglish word for that abomination... Nougatine in french, grillage in german (this form is the closest to the hungaian word "grillázs"). :D

Metamatician said...

Nougat is probably the word in English you're looking for, Mandula. I like it in chocolate bars ok, but I don't like pieces of candy or toffy or chocolate chips or anything like that in my ice cream. I know I'm weird that way. I like nuts (first one to comment on that gets a punch from me through the monitor), or just plain old ice cream, either vanilla or chocolate.

OR, as Giusi says, Gelato :-)

I'm not a big ice cream connoisseur, I'll admit, but when I want it I need to have it. Fortunately that's not often, or I'd be as big as the Goodyear Blimp. I'm more of a salty/savory guy than a sweet-toothed one. I know this is more common for men than for women. WHY it is, who knows?

Hans said...

hmmm, haagen dazs pineapple coconut if I didn't care about calories and no one mentioned calories, so that's my first choice. It's really a frozen pina colada and includes the rum! wow, it's incredible.

Metamatician said...

The latter one sounds very tasty!

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