Thursday, June 10

A big amazing photo.

Just because I can.


An Gabhar Ban said...

The best reason to do anything!

lovely pic too.

Metamatician said...

Yep, and I agree.

Oh by the way the photo is by a chap called "Jestrella" who indicates he's male but doesn't say anything about himself including his real name or whereabouts.

I'm using your image, Jestrella, in a noncommercial manner, and hope you won't mind, since you put it out there on a web site which hosts royalty-free images for such purposes as wallpaper. This is like mini-wallpaper for my post.

And in future if I don't credit someone it's for similar reasons: I either honestly don't know who took the picture, or I'll try to provide a credit (though a made-up web name is hardly better than nothing at all), but either way it's to be understood I'm not trying to take credit for any work that isn't mine.

Which brings me to that issue - when I start posting photos or artwork again which IS mine, I'm going to have to work out how to indicate it without degrading or distracting from the look of it. I hate this sort of legalese aspect which ruins the simple beauty of everything, but it is important to know whether something is original or not.

The separator in the previous post, for example, WAS made by me (and took longer than it should have too...) using again, Illustrator for the pen-work and Photoshop to distort and export it. I don't care if I don't "get credit" on my own blog - just want to give others their when and where I can. And again, this can be hard because of the nature of the Web.

I suppose I could forego the use of anything not mine. But that would be no fun. I couldn't use Winnie-the-Pooh, for one thing.

Raelha said...

I think someone is enjoying to possibilities presented by his new blog look. As are his readers.

Metamatician said...


An Gabhar Ban said...

Raelha, I agree. It's fun to watch the metamorphosis of a blog. =)

In regards to the crediting of your own work? How about a small unobtrusive watermark, either initials, last name, symbol or whatever pleases you? Or, perhaps this is a good time for the rollover effects. Provide title, artist, or other information that isn't something you want cluttering up the place in a neat little box. I'm just tossing a couple thoughts out to you, I'm not sure how they might look in use but I think they sound good in theory.

OK, my brain is now officially off duty.

Metamatician said...

Good ideas, AGB, and ones I've been thinking of too. We'll see.

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