Saturday, June 12

Epilogue: The Madman

Were you so able, then?
Human reverse
What, I really wonder were
You capable of at birth
Speech capped
Abstract thoughts
Your only input,
Monitoring dust motes
Each swirled trace a footnote

And did God give you so much
Ability, dear sir
That he had to handicap you
Thusly just to make sure
The table wouldn't fall over
Though still,
You made it turn.
And all in a chant, enchanted
Us with your words

For men on the moon
Never saw further
And seasons turning burnt
And froze,
But those which beheld your
Fullest gaze-
Well they never recovered
And in God's eyes they
Almost felt they saw another.


Mandula said...

The new shades of blue are really cool. :)

Metamatician said...


Hans said...

Want to comment but I'm not thinking abstractly and it's hard when God is stuck in a poem - I just don't know what you're saying here.

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