Sunday, June 13

No title.

I want a quiet life
I cede my fifteen minutes of fame
Billions of people on earth
Crush the streets every day
Crash in front of the TV each night
Turn someone's life around with a call
Make them rich and famous
And then quickly forget about them
Making a trail of tragedies
Popular heroes out of nobodies
Humanity has become an ant colony
No one is important
Or can contribute unique things
And have a chance to sit and breathe
And enjoy their tea,
Speculate on what it all means
The pedal is to the metal
It's been like this since the
Empowerment of the middle class
And the accelerating rate of change
From the Enlightenment
And the Industrial Revolution
Through the Information Revolution
And no one can hope to keep up
No one person matters anymore
So I just want a quiet life
And not to have to think
As far as is possible
Until I can get off this
Stinking wasteland
And pray that when my body dies,
My mind will go with it.


Hans said...

Yes, I feel like this too. Maybe because we're not caught up in that web, we are able to see it more clearly. It's a mess, but we have to do what we can to keep our own lives from falling into a bottomless pit or get too cynical. I'd also like to live life a little and not just watch it go by....hoping to find that little bit of quiet myself. Live a simple and honest life and it's the best we can do.

Metamatician said...

Yeah, I hope we can get there from here.

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