Friday, June 18


Not everything that happens in life is bad. :)


Hans said...

I watched the 1st and last quarters - what a mess at first - very silly stuff happening, guys sliding across eh floor for no reason, everyone dog-piling - it's was awkward and funny, but i'm sure the pressure was on thick. By the time I sat down and watched the last quarter, it was an exciting game to the finish. Go Lakers!! They did it - I was excited too!!
I like Pau by the way, he's a cool lanky guy that looks like he should be in a Blues Band or something - and the guy who put the ball in at the end? young guy...saved the game. Kobi wasn't at his best, but guess he had a broken finger - so hats off to him.

Metamatician said...

Good for you Hans! I have to admit I didn't have the courage to watch it! I just hid in my room and read till I fell asleep, then checked the news this morning very carefully. Yay!

And *whew*... once I watched all the highlights it looked like you said, a really, really sloppy game with everybody tense and trying too hard in the first half, missing almost all their shots.

Kobe wasn't very good in the game but he did get 15 rebounds and a couple of baskets near the end of the game. And so did Ron Artest, and yeah, Pau is cool cat! One of his favorite things besides basketball is going to see opera! I'll bet that's not too common in the NBA...

I think you mean Sasha, the young white Serbian guy who made both free-throws near the very end? Yeah, that really saved them! Whew... that's all I can say.

I don't like the Celtics because they're our rivals, but you have to give them credit for playing really hard and keeping it close the whole time. Both teams played good defense and kept the score low, and both teams had a lot of problems putting the ball in the basket.

In the end after 162 games in the regular season and then 23 more in the playoffs, it all came down to the final few minutes of 1 game for the championship and the difference was only 4 points! 4 points between winning a trophy and not, for a whole year's work!

I would have been too nervous to play I think :O

But I'm glad the team I watch and root for won :-)

Thanks for the comments, Hans. You and Pau are cool cats ;-)

An Gabhar Ban said...

:D Not much more to say... ;)

Metamatician said...


Raelha said...

How did I know I'd find something like this here!?


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