Thursday, June 10

An offer.

Something I really love to do is restore old photos, improve contemporary ones in terms of color and contrast and noise, or actually retouch photos (removing or adding elements, distorting them in a non-realistic but artistically-interesting way...). Not to deceive anyone, just as a hobby (when it's for myself) or a service (when it's for someone else) - the same as a professional lab might do. People clean up old photos, for example, all the time. There's nothing wrong with this because colors degrade over time and may not have been accurate in the first place, especially that common beast we all live with: The "family" photo.

I just wanted to mention that if anyone would like to send me a photo to "improve" (hopefully), just use my gmail address and explain briefly in the email what you would like done, and attach the photo. I'll send you back the original and whatever versions I create with a brief explanation of what I did. No charge, no fuss. If it's something I don't think I can do well, I'll tell you. But I truly enjoy it, am pretty decent at it (I'll even turn your color photos into faded, sepia-toned relics if you want), and need the practice. What better way than to provide a free service? Thanks for keeping me in mind. :-)


An Gabhar Ban said...

Ah, you might want to put a limit on that or I might be tempted to send you my several hundred photos in need of editing.

Just kidding. However, if you're interested in the practice I'm sure I could oblige you with a few pictures to tinker with.

Metamatician said...

That's why the offer is there!

Hans said...

I've been going through those DVDs that were made from the slides from 1959 until we lived in Palmdale. They're now in IPhoto so I can mess around with them, which I have been a little at a time. It's fun, but if you want the job, I'd be happy to turn it over to you. I have another original set of DVDs that I can give you.

Metamatician said...

I'll let you know, Hans. That sounds like a pretty big job.

I'm working on some photos for Ms. Whitegoat right now. :)

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