Monday, August 16

Awards for the Mini-Quiz winners.

An Gabhar Ban got a perfect score on the "Ancient Egyptian Women" mini-quiz. For that, she gets... a bust of Nefertiti, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton and stepmother of King Tut!

Mandula got 5/5 on the Cat ID Quiz, but her answer on the Egyptian Mau was a little shaky, so she shares the top prize with Hans (4/5), who should know his cats! They win... a statuette of Bastet, the Cat Goddess!

Thanks to everyone who participated! We'll have another quiz soon. :)

Maybe a goat quiz? Hmm....


An Gabhar Ban said...

ha ha ha... a goat quiz. I'll have to excuse myself from that one so as not to skew the results. :D

Metamatician said...

But then it would be no fun.

Mandula said...

Wooo, thank you, this is a beautiful prize! I thin it could stand for one week on my shelf, and for one week on Hans'. Would it be good? :)

Hans said...

Yes, Sharing is on my Good list. Biting is not.

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