Thursday, August 26

Lothlórien is as a paradise, spied only in dreams, felt only in that grey place where reality turns to shadow, and to magic...

Here is a fan's recitation of Galadriel's Lament, a lay (poem/song) spoken by Galadriel and whose complete text is laid out in the Lord of the Rings. This is remarkable for a few reasons:

First of all, Cate Blanchett apparently recited the entire lay but her performance later ended up on the cutting room floor, even in the extended editions, due to time constraints. Too bad :(

Secondly, as the character of Galadriel is one of the Noldor, or elder elves (unlike, say Legolas, who though a prince, is but a wood elf), she recites her lament in Quenya, an older and grander precursor to the Sindarin tongue often heard spoken by Arwen, Aragorn, Elrond, and other elves and learned beings in the movie (and book). In fact it is one of only a handful of full recitations in Quenya in all of of Tolkien's writings, published and unpublished.

And JRR Tolkien's itself:

For those who must know everything... Tengwar script, Latinate script, and English translation:

And just a bit about Lothlórien in general...

My "moniker" of sorts... in some games and areas of cyber-life... is Lórien or Irmo, one of the Valar. This is only peripherally related to Lothlórien and its inhabitants, but I thought I'd mention it... My "wife" therefore would be Estë, and it is said of 'me'...

"Irmo, Lord of Dreams and Visions, is one of the Fëanturi, and as such he wields no hammer like Aulë, no spear like Oromë, for his dominion is the souls of those that dwell in Ëa. Unlike his brother Nàmo he does not pass judgement on the disembodied spirits in Arda nor does he offer prophecies or words of Fate.

His pastures are solace, his house is peace; and the groves of Lórien where Valar and Maiar, and Iluvatar’s Firstborn go to ease the burden of Arda, are dreamlike in their harmony.

    By the trees and flowers in the gardens of Dream and Vision, Melian lifted her voice and enchanted both Ainur and Quendi, touching their hearts with the wonder of her song.

    Irmo’s name does not appear in the tales of Arda and the Eldar do not mention him in song, for he does not work in the open - his power is unseen and his influence is subtle even to the Wise. Yet if one wishes to understand the ways of the serene Dreamlord, they are reflected through Olórin (also known as Gandalf, ed.), wisest of all Maiar, who dwelled in Irmo’s abode. For he was sent forth from Lórien to lift the hearts of the Free Peoples in Arda and to convey Wisdom and Compassion and most importantly, Hope.

    Also Lothlórien, the fabled home of Celeborn and Galadriel in Middle-Earth thrived and (by its beauty) paid homage to the original home of Irmo.

    Seek not Irmo in scenes of strife, or woe where conflict or physical power prevail. Seek him in Inspiration, in Desire, in Hope, and in the heart of the slumbering Hero before his day of great deeds..."

Therefore it is unsurprising that my moniker or avatar in nearly other game or online group is Mithrandir, Gandalf, Olórin, or other names of Irmo's vassal. Besides Meta(matician), Mith(randir) is my most commonly used name online, any many virtual friends know me primarily or only by this name.


An Gabhar Ban said...

Thanks for the tidbit of LOTR trivia. Those pictures remind me that, given half a chance, I think I'd LOVE to live in an elven treehouse or just in an elven city period. So lovely.

Thesaurus Rex said...

It's only a model.

Metamatician said...

@AGB - That makes two of us!

@Rex - Shhh!

Hans said...

I need to believe this is real - it's where I'm headed someday. Me and my Mama.

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