Tuesday, August 17

A couple from... Eric Clapton!


Hans said...

Always good to hear Clapton!!

Raelha said...

Did you know he was taught to play guitar by John Mayall, who was from Macclesfield?

Metamatician said...

No! Thanks for telling me (us).

Macc has produced loads of good musicians over the years for its size, hasn't it.

Raelha said...

Yep. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them :( if only I'd started with the guitar instead of the clarinet, I might still be going.

BTW, when I went to see Mayall play in oviedo a few years ago, I had no idea he was from Macc, otherwise I would've gone up for a chat when he was in the foyer signing CDs. he plays Spain a lot, so maybe next time.

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