Sunday, August 15

This never stops being funny.


Hans said...

You wonder how "Caesar" kept his cool...crazy Brits.

Metamatician said...

Supposedly only Michael Palin (Pilate actually, not Caesar, but the one you're talking about), John Cleese (centurion in charge), and Graham Chapman (Brian) knew the lines and the guards weren't shown the script, just told to stand and be guards.

So they really were NOT trying to crack up, and I guess they got it in one take!

That makes it even more hilarious if it's true. Lol. "Incontinentia Buttocks!" ...and they all lose it. Haha.

Mandula said...

I saw this movie so many times, I know many part of it word-for-word. In hungarian, of course, but it have been made in the glorious days of hungarian dubbing, so the text is abso-f*ckin-lutely fenomenal. I cannot stop falling down from the chair laughig, when I see this thing. All time favourite. :D

Metamatician said...


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