Sunday, August 8

For my next quiz, I'm going to have multiple categories, like a Trivial Pursuit game.


billybytedoc said...

Go for it. Maybe a few shorter Quizzes.

Metamatician said...

Ok. Like 10 questions at a time, on a certain theme, roughly weekly. I'll think about it.


Metamatician said...

For those who venture into this secret comments place...

One thing I also though of was an identification quiz. I show you ten pictures and you tell me what they are.

But with a theme. Like dog breeds, say. Or types of flowers. Things that are easy enough to be fun, but you're not guaranteed to get all 10 right unless you really know your stuff.

Does that sound fun to anybody?

Mandula said...

Yes! :D

Metamatician said...

Ok :)

Metamatician said...

Looks like we have our winners!

Those categories receiving 4 or more votes were...

Mythology and Folklore
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Food and Drinks

So I'll use those as my trivia categories. Maybe combine the sciences so there are six categories, just like in the board game.

If I think of something clever I'll do it, otherwise I'll just ask you questions as always.

Maybe each category will have a different way of answering: Matching, Identification, Fill in the blank, Multiple Choice, and so on.

Though that might be TOO easy :)

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