Sunday, December 13

An easy Gollum quiz.

Just give answers and spellings as best you can. I'm not going to be technical in grading this.

1. How did Gollum acquire the Ring in the first place?
2. What was Gollum's real name?
3. To which race of people did he belong?
4. Where, roughly, did these people live?
5. To whom did Gollum eventually lose the Ring?
6. Roughly how old was he at the time this happened?
7. Where was he living at the time?
8. What did he do after he lost the ring?
9. In the process, he was caught twice. By whom?
10. What was Gollum's final fate?

Thanks for taking my Gollum quiz! Your reward is a raw, slimy fish.


Hans said...

1. His cousin or brother Deagol found it in a river. It was Smeagol's birthday and wanted it, so he ended up strangling Deagol to get it.
2. Smeagol
3. Hobbits
4. North of the Shire
5. Bilbo Baggins
6. 200
7. In a cave in the Misty Mountains
8. Freaked out, not sure where he was except he ended up telling Sauron that Bilbo Baggins from the Shire had it (under torture), but he eventually follows Frodo and the Fellowship.
9. Orcs and Faramir
10. He fell into the molten lava in Mt. Doom

Metamatician said...


Here are the answers for you to compare your own with. It's all on the honor system.

1. Hans is correct. Deagol found the ring in the river Anduin, and Smeagol, overcome by greed, strangled him for it.
2. Smeagol.
3. Stoors - a 'variety' of Hobbit, if you will. Either answer is correct.
4. Mostly dead east of the shire, over the Misty Mountain and Mirkwood, along the shores of the great river Anduin. Smeagol and Deagol (who were cousins) specifically lived in the area once known as the Gladden Fields, which is where Isildur was cut down by orcs and drown, thus explaining why the ring was buried right there in the river sediments to be found...
5. Bilbo Baggins is correct.
6. More like 500, sorry Hans.
7. Yes, in a cave in the Misty Mountains.
8. Left his cave and went looking for it!
9. Sauron (surely by his minion, possible the Wraiths, though this is never told), and then later by Aragorn and some ranger buddies of his. It's true he was also captured by Faramir later on in the story, I'd forgotten that.
10. Hans is correct again - in struggling for the ring, he fell off a ledge into the fires of Mt. Doom.


So let's see:
1. 1 point
2. 1 point
3. 1 point
4. 0 points
5. 1 point
6. 0 points (not close enough)
7. 1 point
8. I'll give you 1/2 a point.
9. Now that I think about it, I'm going award a full point. It's not the answer I had in mind, but it IS true, if the orcs brought him to Sauron and if we include the later part of the tale. So 1 point!
10. 1 point

Total = 7.5
A passing grade. Good job!


Hans said...

Wow, that makes him 71 in dog years. Still old! I'm glad I passed the test - mama will be proud that I know my "Tolkien". She's teaching me stuff everyday.

Thesaurus Rex said...

1 Stolen from his brother who he killed in the process.

2 Smeogol

3 dunno

4 somewhere near the Misty Mountains

5 Bilbo

6 1550 years

7 In a cave in the Misty Mountains

8 Went bananas, looked for Bilbo

9 Elves and then orcs

10 Fell into the fire of Orodruin

Thesaurus Rex said...

P.S. Hi mate. Hope Santy Clawz bringz you all your wildest desires or maybe a big bag of sweeties.
Be Happy!

Metamatician said...

Wow, you actually took this one seriously Rex. Not bad, not bad. I'll give you 6.5/10.

Cheers to you and yours as well for the hollies. And by sweeties, did you mean These kind?

Brilliant work on the shed, btw.

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