Wednesday, December 23

This is long overdue.

For the holidays, when for some reason his music always seems to come to mind and resonate with me more, maybe as I become more reflective and think back to the days of Sony Walkmen and tapes of albums or CDs, listening in bed in the dark, knowing I should sleep but entranced by music and words instead, picturing a story unfolding with me as the guy who gets the girl.... I would like to present...

Dan Fogelberg (1951-2007)

The Last Nail.

Same Auld Lang Syne.

Dancing Shoes.

His Highness Sir Lord Maaile ought to appreciate that last one.

RIP, Dan! You had so many lovely songs I could spend a month posting them, but I'll let my readers discover you on their own.


billybytedoc said...

What a sad and unfair world we live in. He was a TRULY GREAT entertainer. I listen to him a lot.

Anonymous said...

Dan has been my favorite songwriter, singer, musician for over 30 years! His songs, so masterfully composed: the music, lyris, his voice,etc-are so, so special--no other music moves me like Dan's song do. He always said the lyrics were the hardest but you could never tell as they fit the music perfectly! He was so very talented and versatile and he is still so very missed.

Hans said...

I miss knowing he'll come up with another decade of songs. He enriched my life, that's for certain.

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