Monday, December 21

I cherish my freedom.

Without freedom I might as well not be alive. But freedom means different things to different people. There are types and degrees. What does freedom mean to you? What freedoms do you absolutely need to be happy, and which are negotiable? Which have you inadvertently given away, or think society has exchanged for other benefits?

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Hans said...

Hammer's aren't free - I just bought one at Friedman's for Ethan's toolbox we're giving him for Xmas. It'll take a hammer and more to add a patio onto the condo, but the Homeowners Association has to approve the design (gave up some freedoms when buying a condo, but it was my choice).
Seriously folks, I am just used to how we live in the U.S. It's not perfect, but at least we don't have armed military walking our streets.
I can choose to live anywhere in the U.S. easily and less easily I could move to another country, but at least it can be done with enough money. We can make as much money as we want (as long as we report it and pay taxes on it!). A child can dream pretty big in the U.S.. Schools aren't free, but at least there are inexpensive schools to start with. If you want to bad enough, you can work your way up the ladder of success or take a fairly stress free job and live moderately. It's a choice we make.
Health care is a problem - the insurance companies rule our lives in that department - something needs to change soon. At least you can't be turned away in a real emergency.
Let's see, personal freedoms I don't have a problem with as long as I'm able to afford the life I've chosen - that's the catch and probably the cause of most people's lack of choice or freedoms. From personal freedoms to living in a "free" country, the bottom line is: Freedom comes with a price tag. Now it's time for coffee. I think I'll choose a banana mocha frappe! ;o)

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