Monday, December 21

Heck yeah

I'mma do this with my king-sized bed, put a big ol AT-AT over it, only with a powered cable to pull me outta the covers in the morning and into the body of the beast, where I can get dressed before climbing down the stairs and facing the day! Just hope no one chucks a detonator up thru the hatch while I'm getting styled out.

Only problem is the kid's a little confused rockin' a purple lightsaber and the Transformers bedsheets. If you're gonna have your pops build you a giant AT-AT for a bed loft, you gotta come correct after that and do your part.

Man, I'm gonna get started right now.


billybytedoc said...

Wow, pretty cool, you need one!

Hans said...

We all need something unique! But I'll take the Death Star - more room to roll around.

Metamatician said...

just remember to keep your exhaust port protected

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